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Looking for a little something special for the ATVer in your life? If so, we’re rounding up a few of our favorite options for ATVers from top gear to accessories – we’ve got you covered. We’re recommending gifts for any occasion like birthdays, holidays, or if you just want to treat yourself every once in a while. We’re doing all the work for you so all you’ll have to do is click ‘purchase’ before you head out on your next ride.


Every ATVer needs the right gear before heading out on the trails. Check out some of our favorite options to keep you safe and looking cool while riding. 


Helmets are a great gift option for the ATVer in your life. We all need to wear one so why not protect a fellow rider’s noggin with a brand new helmet? 

Our favorites:

  • YEMA YM 915 – This helmet gives off impeccable protection as well a sleek black look.
  • ILM Open Face ¾ Half Helmet – This option is great for ATV riders due to its ventilation systems, quick release buckles for easy on and off, and it exceeds DOT safety standards. 


When you’re hitting the trails hard, you’re going to come in contact with some mud. There’s no way around it. Goggles are a great gift for any ATV enthusiast so when the mud inevitably hits, you’ll be able to push full steam ahead. 

Our favorites:

  • ZDATT Goggles – These goggles come in a wide variety of colors and fit closely around your face for optimal protection. They come highly rated and their lenses protect against dirt and debris of any kind.
  • Oakley – 01-615 O-Frame MX Goggles These premium goggles come in at a higher price point, but offer anti-fog and impact-resistant lenses, triple-layer foam fleece, and a flexible frame. 


It’s crucial to keep your extremities protected and warm while riding in the cooler months and every ATVer needs a great pair of gloves. 

Our favorites:

  • Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves– These armored gloves offer riders great protection against the elements as well as a secure fit, high-quality material, and built-in stretch.
  • Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Gloves – These gloves are great for the whole family as they are unisex and also come in youth sizing. They come in at a great price point and offer the simple protection and warmth any ATVer needs.


ATV riders aren’t afraid of a little mud, but you should still have boots that can withstand the elements.

Our favorites:

  • O’Neal 0332-112 Element Boots – These boots are incredibly comfortable for long days on the trails. They have heel support, an easy-to-operate buckling system, and come in a variety of styles.
  • Alpinestars Drystar – If you’re looking for a high-performance, waterproof boot, look no further than this pair of Alpinestars. They are durable, comfortable, and will last for years to come. 

Riding Clothing

Riding clothes and gear take quite a beating so it’s important to buy high-quality, durable options. We recommend investing in a great jacket, protective pants, and layered options.

Our favorites:

  • Sedici Avventura Waterproof Jacket – This jacket has it all, including waterproof technology because let’s face it, as much as we plan, we never know what the weather is going to do.
  • THOR Sector Link Pants These pants are made from abrasion-resistant materials and includes double and triple stitching for enhanced durability. 
  • Alpinestars Ride Tech Top – This thermal top is specifically designed for cold-weather riding and has a honeycomb design to offer maximum heat and moisture exchange for optimal comfort.


Take your ATV up a notch by adding fun and functional accessories that will make every ride even more epic than the last. Check out a few of our favorite accessories that would make great gifts for you or the rider in your life. 

Rear Rack 

This durable steel rear rack is a perfect addition to any ATV. It gives riders extra storage when going from point A to point B and can haul all your items from coolers to equipment.

Dry Box

The chances are pretty high that you’ll encounter wet weather, puddles, and a lot of mud on your ATV journeys. A dry box is an awesome gift to keep important  items dry and protected during any ride. 

Phone Mount

Most of us use our phones for GPS, so it’s crucial to have a reliable ATV phone mount so you know where you’re going at all times. This mount is durable and ready to take on the bumps with ease.


GoPros are designed to capture adventure. They are rugged and can even be mounted on your helmet or ATV to capture all the twists and turns ahead. If you want to show your friends the insane puddles you’ve crossed or the air you got on your last ride, consider investing in a GoPro. 

Out-of-the-Box Extras

A Trip to an Epic Trail or ATV Resort

If you really want to surprise the rider in your life, gift them with an ATV-centric vacation. There are tons of ATV trails and resorts all across the country and there’s bound to be an awesome option near you.


The ultimate gift for any adventure-seeker would be a new or used ATV. If you’re in the market for a new ride or looking to surprise the AVTer in your life with an incredible gift, start your search on

Custom Gifts

Everyone loves a customized gift like a custom ATV parking sign to hang in a garage or a custom ATV license plate

We hope this guide helped you start either a wish list for yourself or a shopping list for the rider in your life. If you want to join the ATV lifestyle, browse through thousands of new and used units on and start riding today. 


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