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Trails on the West Coast You Need to Check Out: Part 2

Desert, beach, or forest — it doesn’t matter where you are on the West Coast, you’re gonna have way more fun if you’re off-roading. The region is full of fantastic trails to explore on your four-wheeler or side-by-side. ATV Trader already took a look at two of the best West Coast trails you can find: the Glamis Sand Dunes in California and the backcountry trails around Moab, Utah. Now, we’re exploring more trails on the West Coast you need to check out: 

1. Wagon Wheel Trail System • Meeker & Rangely, CO

Why This Made the List: As the name implies, the Wagon Wheel Trail System is more than just one trail; it’s a network of nearly 600 miles of interconnected roads and trails along the White River in the northwestern part of Colorado. The trails are so extensive that they’ve been split into an eastern and a western loop. With so many miles of available riding space, it’s no surprise that there’s something for everyone, from novice to expert.

The Trail System loops in and around the towns of Rangely and Meeker, both of which are located in Colorado’s Rio Blanco County. This particular county in Colorado is largely public lands, meaning it’s managed by US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and the State of Colorado. That expert cultivation guarantees riders beautiful views and tons of other great outdoor activities in addition to off-roading. In fact, Field and Stream Magazine actually gave this county the title of “One of America’s Best Wild Places.” Not only will riders be able to explore some great trails on their machines, but they can also camp, hunt, fish, etc. This is truly an outdoor-enthusiast’s dream. 

Getting There: The towns of Meeker and Rangely are located about 100 miles northeast of Grand Junction, Colorado and 225 miles west of Denver. While it might be a bit of a drive, both communities are extremely off-road vehicle friendly, meaning you can actually ride your unit in the city streets, making it easy to get around once you’re there. Most trails are open by May and close in June – but make sure to confirm before heading out there. Also, a Colorado OHV sticker is required to ride. You can get one online for just over $25.

2. ATV Paiute Trail • Richfield, UT 

Why This Made the List: This is the ATV trail with no beginning and no end. The Paiute Trail offers 275 miles of riding and was designed to provide offroaders with a relaxing, family-friendly ride through multiple towns and beautiful scenery. And the 275 miles of designated trail is just the beginning. There are also over 2,500 miles of marked side trails and additional forest roads. While the main loop of the trail takes around 25 hours to ride (if you ride continuously from start to finish) you could easily spend another 100 hours+ exploring what all Paiute Trails tributaries have to offer. 

The scenery on the Paiute Trail is vast and ranges from dense forests to three beautiful mountain ranges to the expansive meadows and valleys. As you ride, you’ll pass three distinct mountain ranges – Pavant Range, the Sevier Plateau, and the Tushar Mountains – and ride along the Sevier River. Many off-roaders specifically mention the 11,500-foot ridge in the Tushar Mountains as a top highlight of the trail. With so much area to cover, riders often find themselves alone on the trail for hours at a time. The Paiute Trail was built for riders to take their time and enjoy the scenery, so that’s exactly what we’d recommend you do. 

Getting There: Since the trail passes through so many small towns – including Marysvale, Richfield, Beaver, Fillmore and Salina – riders have a ton of options when it comes to where they want to start and how they want to experience the Paiute Trails. We’d recommend visiting each of these towns separately and exploring the trail from a different vantage point each time. Plus, each town has its own unique community to offer, so it’s fun to see the similarities and differences of each. No matter where you choose to start, each town offers riders a place to stay if you’re planning to spend multiple days on the trails. 


The West Coast is full of beautiful and exciting off-roading destinations that are perfect for riding with friends and family. We’ve only named 4 trails here, but of course there are so many more! Let us know in the comments below your favorite West Coast trails. And if you’re looking for your next ATV or UTV, whether you’re on the West Coast or anywhere else in the country, be sure to check out the nationwide selection of for-sale vehicles at


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