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The 6 Different Types of Off-Road Vehicles



The beauty of off-road vehicles is that they are extremely versatile. They can be used for casually riding around with friends, to inspecting construction sites or hauling equipment. If you’re unfamiliar with the different types of off-road vehicles, we’re breaking them down for you below.

1. Four-Wheelers

Four-wheelers are single-rider ATVs that are perfect for recreational fun, from riding through a field or down trails with friends, to driving to your deer stand. Some folks also use four-wheelers for work applications, like inspecting crop fields, supervising construction crews, or simply moving quickly around a jobsite.

2. Side-by-Sides

Recreational or utility side-by-sides (SxS) have two seats that allow for a driver and a passenger. Most have rollover protection and some have a fully enclosed cab. Also known as utility task vehicles (UTVs), side-by-sides are primarily used for work applications, like hauling equipment and supplies over rough terrain or through tight spaces. However, SxS can also be great for casual fun, such as trail-riding and wilderness exploring.

3. Sport Vehicles 

Sport four-wheelers are an exciting step up from more casual four wheelers. These single-seat ATVs are specifically designed for more intensive, competitive riding, such as motocross, cross-country, and desert racing, as well as jump and trick competitions. Similarly, sport side-by-sides allow for both single-rider short-distance racing, as well as intensive two-rider long-distance competitions.

4. Youth Four-Wheelers

Youth four-wheelers are smaller recreational ATVs intended to be ridden by kids between the ages of 6 and 16, under the close supervision of an adult. (Younger than 6 is too young/small to ride at all; older than 16 can likely fit onto a regular ATV.)

5. Golf Carts

Golf carts are low-speed vehicles designed to carry two passengers and their golf clubs and other supplies around a golf course. They can also be used for professional work like groundskeeping and regular maintenance. Golf carts perform best while on established roads, sidewalks, and trails.

6. Trailers

Okay, this isn’t actually an ATV, but trailers are commonly used for transporting off-road vehicles. While most trailers are used for getting your ride from point A to point B,  there are also trailers that can be towed by your ATV itself in order to transport supplies or other items.

Conclusion: Are you looking to buy an off-road vehicle of your own for work or play? ATV Trader has thousands of new and used units to choose from. Check out to find your perfect ride today.


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