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6 Advantages to Buying a Used ATV

There are a lot of reasons you might want to buy an ATV, from exploring, racing, or hunting to hauling equipment, herding livestock, or supervising work crews. Whether you use an off-road vehicle as a toy or a tool, you’re certain to want an ATV that fits your needs without hurting your wallet. While brand new ATVs are appealing, there are big benefits to pre-owned vehicles too. As you make your purchase decision, keep in mind ATV Trader’s six advantages to buying a used ATV.

Buying Used Costs Less

The average new ATV can range anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000; that’s not exactly pocket change. Meanwhile, a used ATV can often be priced as low as $3,500. Don’t forget that after the vehicle purchase, you still have to add the costs of necessary ATV gear, apparel, and accessories, including a helmet, goggles, gloves and more. Because expenses add up quickly, buying used may be the most affordable option for you.

More Freedom for Rough Riding

If you’re going off-roading in rugged conditions or are hauling heavy equipment, your ATV will be subject to inevitable wear and tear. Unless you’re only using your ATV for slow riding on even surfaces, heavy duty use will expose the vehicle to scuffs, scratches, dents, and dirt. If you’ve got a shiny, new ATV, you’ll naturally be wary of losing its pristine appearance. But if you’ve got a tough, used unit, you’ll be less concerned with cosmetics and more ready to plow it through the mud and brush.

Used ATVs Depreciate Less

New ATVs, just like cars, see their biggest drop in value in their first year, especially when they have larger engines. Almost right away, your new ATV isn’t worth what you paid once it’s been used. However, when you go with a used purchase, the depreciation will be less drastic. This is an especially big benefit if you’re planning to resell the vehicle at some point.

You Can Personalize Your ATV

A used purchase is a great opportunity to personalize your ATV. By saving money with a used purchase, now you can afford to fund customizations or even a full restoration project. From paint and tires to handlebars and lighting,  you can do things with a used ATV that you probably wouldn’t touch on a new factory model. This hands-on time with the ATV will also give you a greater understanding of how your ATV works and an appreciation for your purchase. Not only are renovation projects fun to work on, it’s also really satisfying to have a personalized riding experience once you’re done. See ATV Trader’s post on 5 Ways to Customize Your ATV for Maximum Comfort for some simple adjustments you can make to your ATV.

Plenty of Available Parts

Self-renovating is easier with access to plenty of parts for a true do-it-yourself project. Rather than being limited to new-model parts, a used ATV model that’s been around for a while will have more parts available. You can find ATV parts online through several marketplaces, such as Power Sports Nation or Salvage Parts, or even from ATV manufacturers or dealerships in your area.

Greater Deal on Resale

In the long run, your personalized care will help your ATV run strong and extend its value. If you’ve restored, customized, or otherwise upgraded the vehicle, you could even make a profit when it comes time to sell it. When you take care of a used ATV, it’ll take care of you.

Conclusion: While there is a lot to consider when buying an ATV, how you’ll use it, what your budget is, and even how much time you’d like to devote to its care can help you decide between purchasing a new or used unit. And if you’re in the market for an off-road vehicle, you can find used ATVs and UTVs on the nation’s leading marketplace,


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