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Top 4 Ways to Have Fun with Your ATV

When it comes to recreational ATVs, there are endless ways to discover off-roading adventures. Taking your vehicle off the beaten path gives you a chance to see more of the great outdoors, master tough terrain, and compete in sports or hunting. Today, ATV Trader is covering the top four ways to have fun with your ATV.

1. Exploring

ATVs give you the opportunity to take off and explore nature unlike any other vehicle. With a lighter weight than UTVs, as well as improved handling and suspension, these vehicles live up to their “all-terrain” name. If you’re thinking about hitting more challenging or unpredictable off-road terrain, it’s good to know that four-wheelers can grip rougher landscapes. However, these vehicles are still swift and agile when flying across fields and weaving between trees, shrubs, and boulders. They’re also able to get you through mud, sand dunes, and deserts with ease. It’s obvious why exploring the great outdoors is the most popular way people find adventure with their ATV.

2. Racing

There are several ways to race your ATV competitively or simply for fun.

Motocross is often associated with off-road motorcycles, but it can be just as fun with sport ATVs. Off-road racing on a closed course, with a mixture of different terrain features, is a thrilling way to test your driving skills. These courses are often covered in mud and dirt and have slopes, hills, twists, and turns that challenge your abilities on your ATV.

Cross-country racing invites competitive ATV riders to test their abilities on natural terrain through timed trials, with the fastest racer with the best time declared the winner. This is for those looking to achieve high speeds over long distances in their ATV.

Whether you’re a novice beginner or an experienced veteran, there are a number of ATV races and competitions that can get your adrenaline pumping and your competitive juices flowing.

3. Stunts and Tricks

For adventurous riders wanting to develop their skills on a four-wheeler, there are some basic tricks you can learn with practice and through the guidance of a professional. Along with conquering hills and slopes, advanced riders can perform wheelies, drifting, and jumps. We’ve put together a guide on how to develop your skill levels as an ATV rider to safely learn how to master some of these tricks.

4. Hunting

Four-wheel ATVs, known for their agility and ability to maneuver freely, are more than suitable for scouting territory while hunting. Plus, many ATVs also still have a large enough payload to store and transport lighter hunting equipment. Ideal for a more casual excursion, either solo or in a small group, ATVs are great for finding and bagging the game you want.

Side-by-side UTVs can also be beneficial for off-road activities such as hunting. UTVs offer extra room to fit passengers and equipment for more serious hunting enthusiasts. These UTVs have higher payload capacity, along with rollover protection. However, due to their larger size, UTVs will struggle more on slopes, over debris, or through narrow spaces in comparison to ATVs.

Conclusion: ATVs provide different ways to get off the road and enjoy more of your surroundings. It’s an opportunity to push your boundaries as you ride, take in some scenery, and have an adventure. If you’re looking for a fun new or used ATV, make sure you visit ATV Trader’s marketplace.


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