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Off-road vehicles are versatile machines that are often associated with recreational fun. However, instead of hitting the trails with your four-wheeler, you can also use off-road vehicles for work. ATVs and UTVs can perform several functions on residential lawns, public property, and private grounds, especially with the addition of handy accessories. Whether you’re using your unit for work full time, for a part-time job on the weekends, or to care for your own yard in your free time, ATV Trader has provided nine ways to use ATVs and UTVs for landscaping and groundskeeping.

1. Hauling and Towing

Off-road vehicles can get around terrain easier than a truck and are less likely to cause damage to the land. There are a variety of ATV and UTV models with large cargo beds and towing power that can improve production in any working environment. With your off-road vehicle, you can haul heavy loads of soil to a garden or tow materials needed to build a deck. And you can haul more than cargo. Transport crew members to different worksite locations using UTV or even golf carts. Current full-size ATV models can tow between 500 and 1,650 pounds with a trailer, while a standard UTV can tow about 2,000 pounds.

2. Mowing

Turn your ATV or UTV into a riding lawn mower by adding a pull-behind mowing attachment. These work well in wide grassy areas or lawns and fields with high grass and brush. Pull-behind mowers can often work faster and maneuver better than traditional lawn tractors.

3. Raking

Pull-behind rakes can be attached to your ATV or UTV. These tools allow you to finish grading and leveling lawn topsoil, sports fields, and more. With a wide reach, rake attachments can spread out ground coverings, mix compost or mulch into soil, and pull up roots and small rocks.

4. Lifting

Save yourself from the back-breaking work of lifting heavy objects by utilizing a pallet lifter. These attachments are perfect for picking up planter pots, shrubs, and garden supplies and moving them across a property.

5. Aerating

Achieve a lush lawn with an ATV and UTV aerator attachment. These tow behind your off-road vehicle, pulling plugs to break up compacted soil and letting grass roots get the air and water needed for healthier growth.

6. Spreading

Spread seed and fertilizer with an ATV and UTV tow-behind spreader. The spreader’s automatic shut off can even help reduce waste by regulating how much product is being distributed across the lawn.

7. Spraying

Spray properties faster with an ATV and UTV sprayer. These can be mounted on the back of an off-road vehicle to cover much more land, compared to a traditional spraying backpack. Sprayers feature various tank sizes that you can fill with water, fertilizer, or pesticides.

8. Plowing

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, consider using a plow blade for snow removal. When attached to your four-wheeler or side-by-side, these can remove snow much faster than shoveling. Plow blades can also be used to push dirt, gravel, and sand.

9. Sweeping

After a day of landscaping and groundskeeping, make the clean up process easy with a tow-behind sweeper attachment. High-speed brushes spin, allowing you to collect grass clippings, twigs, fallen leaves, and more faster than manual labor. Similar to sweepers, rotary brooms can be used to clean large, flat surfaces. Brush dust and debris off sidewalks and driveways to leave the property in pristine condition.

Conclusion: Using your ATV or UTV for groundskeeping and landscaping is a great alternative to big trucks or pieces of heavy machinery. With the addition of accessories, your off-road vehicle can help you accomplish any job, almost anywhere. Once the hard work is finished, you can plan how you’ll use your off-roader for fun.

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Arielle Patterson

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