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ATV Superstition

With Halloween weeks away, ATV Trader is getting in the spirit of the seasonal celebration by observing 13 ATV and UTV superstitions that riders should know. From fending off creepy curses to participating in quirky rider rituals, we’ve put together a list of several common myths that are recognized by ATV/UTV riders.

1. Good Luck Charms

Some ATV/UTV drivers keep good luck charms handy when riding or competing in off-road racing in order to give them a competitive edge. These charms can bring a win during a motocross race or keep you safe when landing a stunt. Common charms kept close by ATV and UTV riders include crosses, rabbit foot key-chains, family photos in a wallet, and lucky coins.

2. Breakfast of Champions

Before an adventurous outdoor excursion, or when it’s the big race day, some riders will feast on the same thing before each and every off-road outing. Some ATV/UTV riders only eat high-carb foods, others always eat the same junk food snacks and candy, and many insist they just can’t ride well without breaking into a case of Red Bull.

3. Talking to Your Vehicle

This is a bizarre racing habit, as riders will talk to their vehicle or say a prayer before competing on a racetrack or off-road course. Riders claim it calms the nerves, keeps up their spirits, and motivates them to do their best. Left unmentioned by the riders: if their four-wheeler has ever talked back.

4. Getting On/Off from One Side

This is practiced by some superstitious racers in motocross, supposedly to bring them good luck on race day, though it could just be an odd habit pattern. It sounds less strange when it brings success.

5. Helmet Drop

Dropping your helmet is a superstition that’s considered to bring bad luck when you ride. Aside from potentially damaging or scuffing your gear, some say it means you might lose your head. Of course, when it comes to ATV riding safety, leaving your helmet at home could be even worse luck.

6. Saved by the Bell

An urban legend says that attaching a silver or brass bell to your vehicle will thwart body-possessing spirits and engine-chewing gremlins. The ringing of the bell is said to be an unpleasant sound that wards them away, while the bell itself can trap phantoms until bumps in the trail shake them off. Some say that in order for the bell to be effective, a fellow rider must give you the bell as opposed to buying it for yourself, which creates good karma.

7. Not Keen on Green

This is a motorcycle superstition that some ATV/UTV riders also believe. Green is supposedly an omen of danger to riders. It’s said that green was seen more in crashes in the early 20th century and made motorcycles easy targets in World War II. However, we happen to think that green goes stylishly well on ATVs and UTVs as they cruise through forests and fields, especially for camouflaged hunting.

8. Holding Your Breath

If you’re traversing some spooky surroundings for a Halloween-themed ride, you’ll want to hold your breath when zooming by a cemetery so you don’t wake the dead or breathe in a spirit. There’s also a belief that if you hold your breath while driving through a tunnel, you can make a wish for good luck. However, holding one’s breath is not something we recommend, since passing out while riding is a good way to ruin an off-road outing!

9. Making Noise in a Tunnel

Whether you’re shouting or honking a vehicle horn, making loud noise in a dark, terrifying tunnel may ward off evil spirits. Or bad drivers. And hey, even if that doesn’t work, it’s still plenty of fun to do!

10. Modifying Your ATV/UTV

It’s a tradition among ATV/UTV riders to personalize a recently purchased used vehicle with modifications right away, with anything from lights to stickers. By fixing up your ride and making it your own, it’s said that you may also be erasing any past curses or bad luck left by the previous owner.

11. Tightening Your Gloves

More fickle than frightening, off-roaders and racers tighten their gloves to protect their hands and to stay comfortable. Some even keep old gloves and pass them down through generations. Like chewing your nails or biting your lip, you might do it as an odd habit or to get a grip on things. 

12. Music Before Motocross

Whether to get their blood pumping or to keep their cool, some motocross racers will set up a playlist or listen to a certain song before they get gritty on the track. This could be anything from arena rock to hip hop. Personally, we’re partial to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.”

13. No Riding on Friday the 13th

For some, 13 is a number that brings bad luck, especially in conjunction with a Friday. If your off-road outing falls on Friday the 13th, that may mean you want to skip out on a riding session for a day.

Conclusion: When it comes to four-wheelers, there are a number of strange rider rituals and driving myths. Regardless of whatever superstition you may have, there is plenty of reason to shop from a selection of new or used ATVs and UTVs on


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