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Drivers Beware! 11 Haunted Roads in America

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Drivers Beware! 11 Haunted Roads in America

Drivers Beware! 11 Haunted Roads in America

Drivers across the nation have spine-tingling tales of the strange and supernatural, from creepy local folktales to terrifying personal experiences. In the past two years, we’ve reviewed haunted roads near the East Coast and haunted roads stretching across the United States. This year we’re back in the spirit of the Halloween season, looking at another 11 haunted roads — this time focusing on the American South with an interactive adventure hosted on our sister site RV Trader. Check out the preview image below, then click to take your spooky journey and learn the full story.



If you want to know the full story about any of these creepy destinations, click to learn more about these haunted roads.


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Ethan Smith
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