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ATV sprayer

ATV/UTV sprayers are an easy and efficient way of spraying large properties with water, fertilizer, pest repellant, and more. While traditional backpack and hand-held sprayers are great for small areas, off-road vehicle sprayers can be mounted to or towed behind ATVs, UTVs, and even golf carts to cover land faster. If you’re still using a backpack sprayer, there are several reasons to make the switch to a sprayer for an ATV or UTV. Here are ATV Trader’s six advantages of using an ATV/UTV sprayer.

1. Ideal for Different Types of Jobs

ATV/UTV sprayers are most commonly used by farmers, landscapers, and groundskeepers. In fact, we included ATV sprayers in our previous article on the nine ways to use ATVs and UTVs for landscaping and groundskeeping. Off-road vehicle sprayers can knock out weeds and spray pesticides on rows of crops. They can also water and help maintain sports fields, public parks, and other green spaces.

A unique use of ATV/UTV sprayers is to help control fires. Large water tanks mounted to an ATV or UTV can traverse rugged terrain and apply water or foam to field fires. There are even special Fire Control Sprayers designed specifically for fire suppression liquids, complete with massive tanks and extra durable hoses to withstand the heat.

2. Easy to Install

ATV/UTV sprayers are portable and easy to install to your off-road vehicle. Most come already assembled, so all you have to do is mount or attach the sprayer, fill it with liquid, and get to work. ATV/UTV sprayers are also adaptable, meaning you can use the same sprayer on different work vehicles.

3. Easy to Operate

Anyone can operate an ATV/UTV sprayer, regardless of farming and gardening experience or skill. All you need to know is how to safely operate the off-road vehicle itself. Even the largest sprayer can be operated by a worker without the need to pass a test or complete any certification. And, unlike backpack sprayers, ATV/UTV sprayers require much less physical strength to use.

4. Get the Job Done Faster

The days of walking miles of landscaping, or through rows of crops, are long gone thanks to ATV/UTV sprayers. Compared to a traditional spraying backpack or hand-held sprayer, off-road vehicle sprayers cover more ground to help you get the job done faster. Since these sprayers are used with an ATV, UTV, or golf cart, operators don’t have to worry about the physical demands of a backpack sprayer. ATV/UTV sprayers also come in larger capacities than a backpack or hand-held sprayer, which typically holds one to four gallons. Sprayers for ATVs and UTVs have tank sizes ranging from 15 to 25 gallons, allowing you to spend less time refilling the tank once it’s empty.

5. Better Coverage

Off-road vehicle sprayers use a pump that controls the flow and output of the liquid inside of the tank. The pump’s accurate flow rate ensures that the liquid is evenly distributed, reducing waste. Some sprayers also have a spray gun that allows for more precise spot spraying, which is beneficial when targeting large weeds or patches of grass.

6. Less Exposure to Chemicals

The tanks of ATV/UTV sprayers can be filled with different types of liquids, including fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. These sprayers, especially tow-behind sprayers, can decrease the operator’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Since the tank is located in the back of your off-road vehicle, you’re at less risk of inhaling the chemicals or exposing them directly to your skin.

Conclusion: ATV/UTV sprayers can make work more efficient compared to a manual or hand-held sprayer. Upgrading from a backpack sprayer to one for your ATV or UTV gets the job done faster, provides better coverage, and can be safely used for a number of jobs. The end result leads to healthier crops, lush lawns, and weed-free fields.

When you’re ready to buy an ATV or UTV to outfit with a sprayer, shop the largest selection of new and used four-wheelers, side-by-sides, and golf carts nationwide at


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