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You dream about revving your engine while riding through wooded trails or sliding across mud pits. Before you make that a reality, you’ll need to find the perfect off-roader for you. If you’re new to riding or this is your first time buying a four-wheeler or side-by-side, you’ll end up browsing a range of manufacturers and models with a long list of features and accessories, which can be overwhelming. To help you out, ATV Trader has put together a list of 10 ATV and UTV brands to know before you buy. The list is in alphabetical order and split into two parts. This is part two, so once you check out these five, you can review the first article with the other five popular ATV brands.

Here is part two of the top 10 ATV brands to know before you buy.

Kayo USA

Kayo started in 2002 to fill a void in the market for dependable, reasonably priced ATVs. The company first began selling in the European market but has since expanded to produce 50,000 units per year worldwide.

Kayo manufactures five models of sport four-wheelers. The Predator 125 is one of the brand’s most popular units, delivering just enough power for riders 10 and older. The Storm 150 and 180 are both designed for older teens and adults, with a semi-automatic three-speed transmission and excellent suspension for easy steering on rugged terrain. The Fox 70 is the smallest ATV, with a single-speed transmission best for children 6 and older who are just learning how to ride.

The Bull series of utility ATVs has four models built for work or play. Each model can suit riders of different age ranges. The Bull 125, for riders as young as 10, has an electric starter and an automatic transmission. The Bull 150 and 180 are great for larger teens and adults, both with a four-stroke engine and semi-automatic transmission. The Bull 200 is Kayo’s largest utility ATV, with a 6.9-inch ground clearance and 2.4-gallon fuel capacity.


Founded in 1963, KYMCO’s brand of scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, and side-by-sides are globally recognized. 

KYMCO produces three series of ATVs. The MXU series has the largest lineup with seven models, complete with the kid-friendly MXU 150X, transitional MXU 270, the mid-size MXU 450i, and the fully equipped MXU 550i. The Mongoose series has four youth models with an ergonomic seat that allows young riders to easily move and get a better grip on the vehicle. The Maxxer 450i is a go-anywhere sport performance ATV with a durable four-wheel independent suspension for nimble handling on rough terrain.

KYMCO has two utility side-by-side series. The UXV 450i series boasts four models with varying features, but all conveniently fit into most full-sized pickup trucks. The UXV 700i series vehicles are larger than the UXV 450i and can be equipped with features such as: premium Kaifa gas-reservoir shocks, 2,500 lb winch, and a windshield.


Polaris has been producing high-quality powersports products since its founding in 1954. The company prides itself in reinventing the ATV category every year.

Polaris offers four off-road vehicle lineups. The RZR side-by-side series has 11 models in its lineup, including one youth model. RZR trail vehicles have a narrow body to allow for precision agility along tight trails. 

The Ranger series is made up of 18 UTV models, perfect for farmers, ranchers, hunters, homeowners, and even young riders. The Ranger Crew line can transport up to six passengers around a jobsite, to a cabin, or through the woods while hunting. 

Polaris’ General series of side-by-sides offer increased performance, power, and utility.. All 12 models in the lineup boast class-leading towing capabilities and massive payload capacity. 

The Sportsman ATV lineup ranges from rec and utility vehicles, to models designed for touring, sport, young riders, and special editions. Conquer hard-to-reach trails on off-roaders such as the 88-horsepower Sportsman Touring XP 1000, or go full throttle on the Scrambler 850 sport ATV.


Suzuki actually began as a factory that made weaving looms for Japan’s cotton industry in 1909. In 1952, the company built its first motorized bicycle. Thirty years later, Suzuki produced its first four-wheel ATV, the QuadRunner 125.

The KingQuad ATV lineup is made up of the 750, 500, and 400 series. These utility sport vehicles are engineered to tackle everything from molehills to mountains. All 23 variations deliver torque-heavy power, nimble handling, and ample towing capacity. Suzuki’s Youth ATV comes in two models, with a throttle limiter that allows adults to set the safest power output for children.


Yamaha produced its first motorized product in 1955. Over the decades, the company has expanded, adding ATVs and UTVs to its burgeoning catalogue.

Yamaha’s ATVs are broken into sport and utility categories. At the top of the sport range is the YFZ series, boasting five titanium valves and a five-speed manual transmission. The Raptor sport series comes in several configurations that are best sellers and off-road racing favorites. Both series have models for kids, the Raptor 90 and YFZ50. The Kodiak and Grizzly models are true to their name, with the durability and trims to handle the toughest trails.

Yamaha produces three lines of side-by-sides. YXZ sport models are built for speed, with a 998-cc three-cylinder, 12-valve engine and four-wheel drive. The Wolverine recreational UTVs come in an array of sizes, designed for navigating narrow trails. Yamaha’s Viking models fall under the utility side-by-side category, offering plenty of room for cargo and your crew.

Conclusion: As you can see, each ATV and UTV manufacturer offers very different types of off-roaders. Hopefully, now that you know these popular brands, it will be easier to search for a four-wheeler or side-by-side that fits your needs. 

Get a refresher of our first five popular manufacturers, from Arctic Cat to Kawasaki, by reading part one. For more tips on researching and buying off-road vehicles, check out our previous article. If you’re ready to begin your search for an off-road vehicle, browse’s nationwide marketplace.


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