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Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall are quickly approaching. Make the most out of your ATV or UTV by using it for plowing snow. Rather than winterizing your vehicle for storage, transform your vehicle into a winter warrior. Skip the shovel and turn the chore of clearing snow into four-wheeler or side-by-side playtime. Even with some of the harshest winter conditions, your ATV/UTV can plow snow with ease. Today, ATV Trader is sharing seven tips for using your ATV or UTV for plowing snow.

1. Check if Your ATV/UTV is Strong Enough to Plow Snow

First check your ATV/UTV owners manual or with the manufacturer to find out if your vehicle can support an attached plow for snow removal. ATVs and UTVs are best for performing snow removal on driveways, sidewalks, and the yard, while the plow blades can sometimes have issues trying to move snow on less even city streets and parking lots. It’s typically easier to plow dry and powdery snow rather than wetter compact snow. While both four wheelers and side-by-sides are effective, some owners find that UTVs provide an extra advantage with their size, since they can support a larger plow.

2. Inspect Your Vehicle

You definitely want to stay on top of vehicle maintenance during the winter and especially before you plow. Check your oil and oil filter, fill your fuel tank, check the coolant level, take a look at your tire pressure and tread, consider using tire chains for better grip in the snow, and make sure parts of your vehicle are free of debris.

3. Mount the Snow Plow Blade

You’ll want to make sure your plow blade is set up correctly to effectively remove snow and prevent damage to your vehicle or the area you’re plowing. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the best way to mount your blade. If you’re adjusting the blade manually, you can wipe down parts with lubricating oil for easier adjustments and to prevent snow from sticking to the blade. If you’re using a winch to mechanically adjust your blade, make sure there are no loose parts. The blade’s depth will depend on the amount of snow you’re plowing. You should set the angle of the plow to complement the angle of the surface you’re plowing so that you can move more snow with less of a hassle.

4. Prepare to Plow

Get ready to face the cold and get on the right gear. This includes a helmet, goggles, thick jacket or suit, gloves, and boots. If you’re plowing at home, place markers around the yard to indicate hazards so you don’t run into any landscaping features with your vehicle.

5. Plow as it Snows

If you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall, you may want to get to work while the snow is still falling. This prevents snow from building up and becoming more difficult to move around. Plus, driving in wintry conditions can be scenic and fun, too. If you’re working in an area that gets constant snowfall, start plowing earlier in the season and designate a specific area to deposit snow so that there’s less of an obstacle throughout the winter months.

6. Plan How You Plow

Work with the contours of the surface area you’re plowing for less resistance and to prevent damage to your blade. Watch your speed and don’t ram into snow piles. Also be careful to not overload the plow, which can cause damage. As you work, regularly remove snow that builds up on the plow. Deposit the snow at the lowest point in the area so that if it melts, it won’t drain across the property, which can be a risk if it re-freezes and creates sheets of slippery ice on any slopes.

7. Clean Up

When you’re done, lower your blade to the ground and remove any snow, dirt, or de-icing chemicals that may have collected on the blade or vehicle. Don’t forget to clean the undercarriage of the vehicle, in addition to its sides and wheels. Here are five simple steps for washing your ATV

Conclusion: Snow plowing is another great use for your ATV or UTV during the winter. With these tips you can clear snow in no time and get the most out of your off-road vehicle. Start looking for the right ATV or UTV for winter plowing by checking out all the new and used units on


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