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ATV Holiday Riding

Dashing through the snow and riding through the mud, the holiday season is here, letting you combine joyful celebrations with thrilling off-roading. Make the most of the holidays this year by using your four-wheeler or side-by-side for festive adventures with your fellow riders, family, and friends. Here are ATV Trader’s eight ways to celebrate the holidays on your ATV or UTV.

1. Decorate Your ATV/UTV

Get in the holiday spirit by decorating your off-roader when you have it parked and on display. Put some colorful lights on your ATV/UTV’s rack or basket. Put reindeer antlers or elf ears above your headlights and garland over your handlebars. However, make sure you stay safe and don’t let your decor interfere with your ability to drive.

2. Dress Up for the Ride

Put some holiday-themed stickers on your helmet and wear red and white like jolly Saint Nick when you go riding. Get your boots on and be ready to get some dirt on that tacky Christmas sweater.

3. Haul Your Christmas Tree

ATVs and UTVs can come in handy when you head out into the country and pick out the perfect Christmas tree to haul home. Your off-roader can carry a smaller tree if it’s correctly secured on the back of your vehicle. You can tow larger trees with an attached trailer. Make sure you strap it down and drive with caution.

4. Visit a Light Display

Feel the magic of the holidays and drive past homes lit up with bright displays of lights. You could also ride to a Christmas tree illumination in your local park. If you’re driving in a neighborhood, double check to see if there are any riding restrictions in your area for ATVs/UTVs.

5. Off-Road in a Winter Wonderland

Put on some holiday music and take your vehicle out for some snowy thrills on the trail or in the fields, caroling as you go. Bring the kids along for the fun by towing a sled behind your ATV or UTV—just be sure to maneuver safely at slow speeds. Once you’re in the snow, take a break from riding to appreciate the beautiful scenery, have a snowball fight, snack on some gingerbread cookies and eggnog, or round up some yule logs in the woods and gather around a cozy bonfire, following all campfire precautions and local regulations of course.

6. Plow Snow

Gear up and take on the snow with a plow attached to your ATV or UTV. Clear out snow for when your relatives and friends visit for the holidays, or celebrate the season of giving by removing snow for your neighbors by plowing neighborhood streets or driveways.

7. Play Off-Road “Reindeer” Games

Got a favorite course you ride with friends? Spruce it up with decorations, like large candy canes along the track or twinkling lights and ornaments in trees. Then, challenge riders to a timed race where the winner gets a present. Or, have a holiday-themed treasure hunt and use your sport ATV to go off course to find hidden gifts.

8. Give Out Gifts

You’ve got plenty of space on your ATV/UTV to carry a bundle of toys. It’s like getting around on Santa’s sleigh… but with a lot more thrills as you roll through the mud! As you ride around, hand out presents and spread the holiday cheer. You could also see if you’re able to join a local holiday parade and toss out gifts and candy as you ride.

Celebrate the holidays and make your four-wheeler or side-by-side part of the season’s festivities. As always, ride safely and responsibly as you enjoy the holidays! Do you have an ATV or UTV on your wishlist? Find new and used off-roaders for the holiday season on


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