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How to Compare ATV/UTV Listings

Shopping online for an off-roader can be overwhelming, with so many for-sale listings advertising various vehicles with all kinds of different features. How do you choose the right ATV or UTV? It can take a lot of time and in-depth research to make the right purchase. To make things easier, ATV Trader is sharing seven ways to compare listings when buying an ATV or UTV online.

1. ATV or UTV

To narrow things down right away, determine if you are looking for an ATV or UTV. What will you be using your off-roading vehicle for? If it’s for a hobby or recreation, like racing or hitting the trails and getting muddy, you might want to go with a lighter, faster, and more agile ATV. If you’re using your vehicle for work, like farm labor that requires off-road towing, then a UTV with more room for a passenger, storage, and towing capacity might be the way to go.

2. Price

Pricing is likely to be the biggest factor that guides which ATV or UTV you buy. In the early stages of your research, set a budget for your purchase, then browse online listings to get an idea of the general market value for an off-roader. Once you know a fair price range for the unit you want and can afford, then you can better compare the pricing between listings that interest you and weigh pricing against other listing details. 

3. Description

When you compare vehicles, the listing description should have plenty of details on the ATV or UTV. Consider these details when comparing listings:

  • Year
  • Category (Recreation, Utility, Sport, Youth, etc.)
  • Make and Model
  • Engine Size
  • Mileage

When you create a MyTrader account, you can use the “Saved Search” feature to see all of your favorite listings to compare them. You can fill out a popular search or set filters, save it, and run that specific search any time with one click. You can save as many searches as you would like and modify or delete them as you shop.

4. New or Used

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of buying new versus used. With a new purchase, you’re getting the best version of a vehicle available, which usually indicates that it will need less maintenance right away. However, you will spend much more buying new versus used. If you’re looking for a fixer-upper project, doing heavy duty off-roading, or just using an ATV or UTV every once in a while, buying used might be best for you. If you buy used, get info on the vehicle’s history and what it’s been used for so you know whether or not it may need maintenance soon.

5. Dealer or Private Seller

Dealers can often be trusted as reliable sellers that provide detailed descriptions on vehicles. You can also find reviews for dealers from other shoppers. Some offer warranties on vehicles that you might not get from a private seller. On the other hand, a private seller may have a vehicle that’s offered at a competitive price, or a vehicle that’s not easily found on the market.

6. Photos & Videos

Great listings have plenty of photos of vehicles at all angles, and videos of the vehicle in action, so you know exactly what you’re getting. If the ATV or UTV is used, you should be able to get a better idea of what defects the vehicle has. You may want to avoid listings without photos, those that use stock images, or images of vehicles that don’t match information found in the description.

7. Location

How far are you willing to travel to get your ATV or UTV? You have the option to find listings that are local, based on how many miles they are from you, or you could search from listings found around the country. Keep in mind that it will cost more the further you have to travel to get a quad or side-by-side. However, you will have a greater selection to choose from with a wider area of search. See if your listing has a delivery option and how much it may cost.

Picking out the right ATV or UTV doesn’t have to be difficult. You can find the best vehicle suited for you by comparing listings and narrowing down your selection based on what you need. Start comparing listings today with a selection of new and used ATVs and UTVs on


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