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7 Ways ATVs and UTVs are Used for Towing at Work

7 Ways ATVs and UTVs are Used for Towing at Work

ATVs and UTVs can be incredibly useful tools at work when it comes to hauling heavy loads, helping you tow through hard-to-reach off-road places. Four wheelers and side-by-sides are also excellent for smaller jobs, adding maneuverability and speed so you can get the job done more efficiently. Here are ATV Trader’s seven ways ATVs and UTVs are used for towing at work, along with our tips for towing.

Tips Before You Tow

Keep in mind that ATVs and UTVs have a weight capacity when it comes to towing and hauling based on their engine size, suspension, and hitch.

  • Check the weight limit in your owner’s manual when using your vehicle with a trailer. 
  • Make sure your wheels are rolling, not dragging on the ground, and have traction.
  • Your hitch and trailer should be properly hooked.
  • All your cargo should be off the ground and secure.
  • Ensure there’s no heavy resistance with your vehicle when moving, and you can safely brake.
  • Be careful and make preparations when working on different surfaces and surroundings when towing, whether that’s through the woods, mud, sand, uphill or downhill.

For more towing recommendations, check out our tips for hauling trailers behind your off-road vehicle. When you’re ready to work, here are several ways you can use your ATV or UTV to help you get a job done.

Farm and Landscape Work

1. Field Equipment

ATVs and UTVs can be resourceful for farming and landscaping work, whether it’s out in a field or in your own backyard. Compared to tractors, off-roaders can be smaller and less expensive, cover rough terrain at faster speeds, and have more control as you move around. There are a number of ways to use ATVs and UTVs for land maintenance, especially when you are towing direct attachments or implements. These include:

  • Cultivators for tilling fields and chisels for deeper tilling and aerating soil.
  • Drag harrows for smoothing fields.
  • Seed row planters or grain drills, for sowing seeds in fields, yards, or gardens.

2. Mowers

Several types of mowers can be towed behind your off-roader, including flail mowers that are good for cutting thicker grasses and dealing with overgrowth. You could also attach compact rotary mowers to cut your grass. This is yet another great use for your ATV or UTV and saves you from having to buy a standalone mower.

3. Livestock Feed

If you have a lot of animals or livestock to feed on your farm, four wheelers and side-by-sides can save you time. Your ATV or UTV is great for covering distances and different types of terrain in no time, helping you reach animals way out in the fields and rugged terrain. With a specially made trailer towed behind your off-roader, you can tow hay or grain feed for various animals. 

4. Fences

If you’re building out the boundaries of your farm, or making a replacement to a fence, this is another area your vehicle will come in handy. You can haul heavy fence poles, tools, and parts, such as wires and rolls. Make sure all of your fencing equipment is securely attached to your towing trailer.

Forestry and Logging

5. Logs and Wood

Among the many ways to use ATVs and UTVs for forestry and logging, hauling logs for forestry work is a big use for your vehicle. Unlike many larger vehicles, ATVs or UTVs can get you through thick woods, and many can haul up to 1,500 pounds of logs as you pull them on a large trailer. And of course, they’re always practical for carrying small amounts of wood, whether they’re strapped on the back of your ATV on the rack or in the cargo bed of your UTV.

6. Logging Equipment

For logging, you can pull smaller, cut trees with a skidding attachment on your vehicle. This is a convenient way to transport bundles of logs to a lumberyard or other worksite. You also can tow a wood splitter on a trailer to cut wood, and then transport the wood. With larger trees, cut up the wood and take more trips with smaller loads on your vehicle.


7. Building Material

Off-roaders hold their weight at worksites, and towing trailers is just one of many ways ATVs and UTVs are used in construction. With add-ons like dump trailers with heavy duty tires you can haul and dump materials. This includes sand, cement, wood, metal, concrete, and rubble. Make sure you load these materials carefully to avoid damaging your trailer and preventing it from tipping.

Whether you’re working on a farm, logging in the woods, or building at a construction site, you can depend on ATVs and UTVs to help you get the job done. Before you get to work, check your vehicle’s weight capacity, get an idea of the terrain you’re working on, and use caution as you drive. If you’re ready to purchase your next new or used ATV or UTV, be sure to see the nation’s largest inventory on


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