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electric ATV maintenance

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to tear up the trails, electric ATVs offer a greener way to ride. These emission-free vehicles are easy to operate and can deliver just as much power as a gas vehicle. In fact, these are just a few benefits of electric ATVs and UTVs. If you’re considering purchasing an all-electric off-road vehicle, or you already own one, follow ATV Trader’s four tips for using and maintaining an electric ATV or UTV.

1. Keep an Eye on Your ATV Battery

Whether you’re racing along scenic trails or hard at work, it’s easy to lose track of time and not realize when your electric ATV or UTV is close to low battery. Just like you’d monitor the fuel levels of a gas-powered quad, you should keep an eye on your electric ride’s battery level. 

Your electric off-road vehicle is equipped with a meter that can show you if your battery is charging, fully charged, or running low. Make sure you can get to your charger before it gets too low to avoid being stranded on the trails.

2. Understand How to Maintain Your Battery

Caring for your ATV or UTV’s battery is an essential part of vehicle maintenance, especially when you have a fully electric model. Start by ensuring that you’re charging your electric battery in a ventilated area, away from flammable materials. Batteries can emit hydrogen gas during charging that can be dangerous.

You should inspect your battery for corrosion before every ride, as well as check the battery fluid level according to your manufacturer’s recommendations. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual can provide detailed information on how to care for your specific type of battery.

3. Make Sure Your ATV is Fully Charged

Nothing is worse than thinking you properly plugged in your electric ATV or UTV the night before, then seeing the next day that the battery is still low. After you plug in your electric battery, make sure the charging lights are indicating that the battery is in fact receiving a charge. 

If your battery is not charging, you may need to test it at another outlet to determine the issue. Your charger may also shut down due to overheating. If this happens, ensure that there’s sufficient air flow by opening your vehicle’s hood and resetting the charger.

4. Extend Your ATV Rides

In addition to battery life, there are other factors that affect how long your electric off-roader will run. Your speed, vehicle load, and the type of trail you’re riding on can deplete your electric battery faster.

To avoid this, decrease your weight, if possible, and make sure the tires of your four-wheeler or side-by-side are fully inflated. While it’s fun to go full throttle, less aggressive riding and braking can help conserve your battery. And, if you’re going to ride on rocky paths or splash through mud bogs, just know that more demanding terrain will take a toll on your battery life for that ride.

You might be surprised to learn that riding and maintaining an electric ATV or UTV is very similar to a gas-powered off-road vehicle. The biggest difference is that electric models require less maintenance, produce less noise, and are better for the environment. By simply taking extra care of your electric quad’s battery, you can decrease your carbon footprint and protect the Earth that you love to ride. 

For more eco-friendly ATV riding tips, read our previous article. And, if you’re searching for an off-road vehicle, browse the nationwide inventory of new and used models on


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