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11 of the Best ATV and UTV Trails for Beginners

Summer is here, which means it’s time to take your quad or side-by-side out for a spin. This is the best time of year for beginners to test out the trails with their vehicle, especially if you just found a new or used ATV for sale, or recently purchased your UTV for off-roading. For new riders looking to sling mud and kick up dirt on easier terrain, ATV Trader is sharing the 11 oƒ the best ATV and UTV trails for beginners.

1. Arizona Peace Trail

Take on the terrain out west for a trail system that covers three counties and was meant for off-roading. The Arizona Peace Trail is a 750-mile journey through the dry desert, bringing riders through a vast landscape of rocks and dirt. This trail system is a great way for new riders to get a feel for the land on a driver-friendly landscape.

2. Aroostook County ATV Trails, Maine

Based in Aroostook County, Maine, these ATV trails have over 1,000 miles of riding through the woodlands and hills of the north country. During the hot summer months, this is an enjoyable ride for newbies looking to feel the breeze while rolling over the land. This off-roading puts you up close with views of wildlife, takes you through green forests, and gives you a chance to splash through the dirt and mud.

3. Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

Whether you’re learning a new trick, getting a feel for the landscape, or looking for another way to have fun with your ATV or UTV, Bighorn National Forest in Burgess Junction, Wyoming is an excellent destination for beginners. There are 1,200 miles of trails with remote riding in the wilderness. You’ll experience mountainside riding and turns through the forests and hills.

4. Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

South Dakota’s landscape changes dramatically from rocky roads to hills covered with forests and wide open prairies. Black Hills National Forest has 700 miles of trails for new riders to conquer, covering canyons, woodlands, and mountains. There’s also lodging and vehicle rentals nearby, so you can bring your family and friends along for a riding excursion.

5. Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia

One of the most popular trail systems you’ll find in the country, Hatfield-McCoy Trails in Williamson, West Virginia is perfect for the new rider. Get your off-roader ready to dodge rocks, splash through the water, and plunge through mud. HMT’s 750 miles of trails take you across a changing landscape, so you can test out your vehicle in different terrain.

6. Little O Trail at Huron-Manistee National Forest, Michigan

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing joyride or adventure out in nature, Little O Trail at Huron-Manistee National Forest in Lake County, Michigan has both for beginner riders. Take your quad out for twists and turns on 41 miles of easy riding trails. Or, head uphill through the sand and forest for views of this natural treasure.

7. Mill Creek OHV Trails at Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

Try out the terrain of the Ozarks at Mill Creek in Elkins, Arkansas with nearly 50 miles of trail riding for ATVs and UTVs. Giving riders plenty of scenery as they roam through the landscape, Mill Creek is a great starting course for beginners. Roll through the hills, maneuver around rocks, and get a glimpse of the waterfalls and forest as you cruise.

8. Ocala National Forest Trail System, Florida

Lush and green Ocala National Forest Trail System has 189 miles of trails for off-roading. And even though it’s Florida and much of the landscape is flat and full of sand, you’ll still encounter inclines and thick woods for fun wilderness riding. This is a Southern destination that lets you enjoy your ride at an easy pace, all year long.

9. Okanogan County, Washington

There’s no better way to explore the rugged mountains and rolling hills of Okanogan County, Washington than with your ATV or UTV. With over 300 miles of trails for riders, it’s easy to find adventure. Travel through the forest and beside lakes and waterways, do some sightseeing on your quad, and watch for wildlife while you ride.

10. Paiute ATV Trail System, Utah

What seems like endless riding in the unique Utah landscape, the Paiute ATV Trail System loops through the forest and hills. There are over 275 miles of trails to tackle with your all-terrain vehicle. Plus, if you’re thinking of taking your ATV on an off-road camping trip, there are several campgrounds nearby so you can ride and rest for the night on your adventure.

11. Ride The Wilds, New Hampshire

Ride The Wilds in New Hampshire has over 1,000 miles for different experience levels, and is suitable for new ATV/UTV riders. In the summertime, you’ll get cooler temps, tons of greenery, scenic views, and chances to spot wildlife. With so much ground to cover, there’s a surprise around every bend.

For new riders, these trails are a great gateway for off-roading adventures. Through forests, hills, and deserts, these destinations provide beginners excitement and a chance to learn as they go. If you’re looking for your next new or used ATV or UTV for sale, be sure to see the nation’s largest inventory online at


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