ATV Resources

Discover tips for buying, selling and owning an ATV.

What should you consider when buying an ATV?

• Makes- Decide what make/model fits your needs.
The top makes include: Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Arctic Cat & John Deere.

• Engine Size- How much power do you need?
Engines sizes range from 50cc to 650cc and more.

• Use- What will you be using the ATV for?
All Terrain/Sport- will you be using the ATV for recreation purposes? Does speed make a difference to you?
Utility & SxS- will you be using the ATV to haul loads or pull behinds?
Golf Carts- will you need something to hold your golf clubs or around a gated community. Do you need a street legal vehicle?
Dune Buggies/Sand Rails- will you be riding your ATV on the sand?

Buying a pre-owned ATV can be cost effective, but be sure to check out the ATV before you buy. The ATV may look good from the outside, but you need to make sure it’s working properly and is safe to drive.

Here are a few tips when buying a pre-owned ATV:

1. Check under the ATV for damage. Many ATV’s are used on rough terrain.
2. Check for signs of rust or cracks.
3. Check for contamination of the gear lube & the oil.
4. Check for water damage in the air box under the seat.
5. Make sure all of the controls work.
6. Check the tires for wear.
7. Take the ATV out for a test ride.

Are there rider safety courses? Keep in mind, ATV’s are not toys. It’s best to take a safety courses in your area before you hit the trails.
Here are some great safety tips:
1. Always wear a DOT approved helmet, safety glasses, long sleeves, long pants, ankle high boots and gloves.
2. Never have more riders than seats.
3. Never ride an off-road vehicle on the street as you may not be seen by cars.
4. Do not ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
5. Inspect your vehicle before each ride. Use the T-CLOC method.