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  • “I listed my atv with you about week and a half ago. Sold it today. great service and experience. Thank you.”
    - John Buehler
  • # “ is a real time saver for my company and my customers. The data link tied to our homepage allows customers to seamlessly access our available sales inventory 24/7. This has helped our once local business reach a national audience. Reaching people is only half the story though. The leads we get from are so qualified that we are currently converting about 50% into completed sales annually.”
    - Kraig
  • “I placed an ad with you on Thursday evening. I had a call on Friday morning and sold my ATV on Sunday to the same person. Thank you for your Internet site. I will recommend it to others!”
    - Jim S.
  • “Around 1 pm, I received two phone calls within two hours. The two men both wanted my ATV sight unseen and would have battled it out on my front lawn if they had been allowed. I sold it and received cash, very quickly, which will allow me to buy my first street bike tonight. Again thank you for having a place where I could submit an ad, cost free, and extremely convenient.”
    - Anonymous
  • “I just wanted you to know, that I placed my ad on your Website on Wednesday and it sold on Friday!”
    - Mike L.
  • “It sold in a week! The picture and email options are what sold it. You provide a very well run service. Thanks a million!”
    - Ben
  • “Thanks. I received a response 15 minutes after placing the ad!”
    - Mick M.
  • “WOW! My ad was on your site 2 days and I had 5 buyers ready to beat down my door. After I sold it I ran to my computer to delete the ad so people would stop calling me. Thank you!”
    - Sam
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